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Ways out of the risk trap

Software investments impose risks. In the face of many insolvencies of manufacturers, both the fear of the manufacturer’s sudden failure and the security needs of the users have grown noticeably. The future security of a product has now become one of the most important purchase arguments. Escrow contracts help both the users and the manufacturers: as they create security, they overcome investment aversion and purchase retention.

What is Escrow?

Escrow designates the custody of the source code of software products in collaboration with a specialized escrow agency. If the manufacturer does not comply with his service obligations or becomes insolvent, the deposited goods are handed over to the user. The terms of delivery of the source code are regulated in an Escrow contract.
Our partner is Hanse Escrow Management GmbH.

The buyer guarantees the reuse or reuse of the software in an emergency. The business secrets of the manufacturer remain protected against misuse

What is source code?

Source codes are the blueprints of a software, which are formulated in a programming language, which are converted into control commands for computers. Without knowing the source code, it is impossible to modify, extend, or maintain a software. For the manufacturer, the source code is the most valuable asset, which must be protected before disclosure. However, if the developer disappears from the market, the knowledge about the internal structures of a software is also lost.

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Hanse Escrow

We work in the area of ​​Escrow with the software trustee Hanse Escrow, whose services we provide in the area of ​​Southern Germany.

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