Consulting Services for the Content Server

In the daily work there are several decisions on a complex content server environment, on which we can help:

  • Content Server to slow? We can help by providing detailed examinations of content and data base servers, providing some tips for tuning the content server and the network to get maximal performance.
  • SAP<->Content Server xecm? Want to layout the architecture and install xecm for SAP? We can help on all Content Server related aspects from Archiveserver to the complete Level7 xecm.
  • smartUI to slow? We can help on the architecture aspects of smartUI and the number of frontend servers needed for performant systems.
  • Want some nonstandard infos from the Content Server database? No problem, we can help by providing the proper Livereports and Webreports to get all data in all forms from the database.
  • Need Complex Workflows? We can provide everything from the workflow definition the final workflow map even with smartUI extensions or other additions.

Contact me by mail : merz at via email, via phone 49 (711) 997 997 6 or via Linkedin