New smartUI workshop series “Learning by Doing”

This workshop series focuses on the practical aspects of smartUI and consist

  • of a subscription. The subscription is for three months and within this period of time you have access to the workshop components
  • defined length. Several aspects are covered in a total maximum of two days of the whole workshop.
  • practical exercises. Normally, there is a Widget showing all parts of the workshop. This widget will be explained and rebuild at the attendees site

Workshop ONE:

This is a remote workshop and during 2 days you get the source code of the widget and learn, how this widget is developed from the standard hello widget.

The widget features

  • Usage of Glyphicons in binf
  • programmable multi line tooltips in binf
  • Navigationbars in binf with commands behind the targets
  • expanding and collapsing of structures using binf
  • a dateselector on an input type=date field
  • switching a label to an input field and vice versa
  • rendering the logged in user photo from a content server behind
  • use a nodepicker to select a document and render the thumbnail
  • add a user select control after the widget is rendered
  • delete the “copy” command in smartUI
  • display messageboxes and global messageboxes
  • use a standard slide in and use a wizard slide in with several views

See here a short video (20min) of the features

The Workshop consists of

  • Instructor lead part (2 h)
  • Self study videos (a couple pf private YouTube videos)
  • A couple of public Youtube videos
  • The Source Code of the base widget

Customer requirements:

  • The customer needs to have a local VM with a Content Server and OClipse (The Content Server OScript SDK) installed and running.
  • Installing the sdk and the the standard demo widget. If you need some help on that, we can either add a 3 hrs instructor lead part to the workshop or you can refer to this video explaining the installation.
  • Some js editor. We recommend using Webstorm from IDEA, but any other js IDE like Visual Studio Code or even a standard text editor will be ok.
  • For instructor lead parts: For the Audio a connection with MS Teams is needed.

Price per Person for a 2 days Workshop within the subscription period: 1500€
Additional 2h Instructor lead part (if needed, per person) : +100€

For special discounts please inquire at

Questions? Remarks? Send an email to