We offer workshops for that topics

  • Content Server smartUI Development base
  • Content Server smartUI Development advanced
  • Content Server Oscript development
  • Client Javascript with Backbone/Marionette/Bootstrap (binf) amd Webstorm and Github
  • Using React in Backbone smartUI applications
  • Project Management at smartUI projects

These workshops have a duration between 1 to 5 days and are pure remote workshops using Microsoft Teams. For further informations please click on the link associated.

We are happy to answer your questions on price or when the next workshop will occur (please use info at or merz at

Any workshop with content server requires the attendee to provide a complete development virtual machine with Content Server, Database and Eclipse/Oclipse.

An Installation Sheet is available at each workshop.

The smartUI Development advanced workshop requires the skill level of the smartui base workshop and at least 6 months of active development experience with smartUI