SMART TOOLS is an smartUI development which make multilingual metadata and renditions available under OpenText smartUI.

Multiiingual Metadata

Displays the multilingual metadata and allows to enter new metadata directly at the document. A click on the globe allows an automatic translation into the laguage displayed (requires Microsoft Azure Translate)

mlm data entry


Renditions are displayed directly at the document

Rendition Commands

Renditons can be downloaded, replaced or rendered in the “View as Webpage” mode.

For the rendering there is a mechanism used which is part of every Content Server:

rendering of renditions

There is also a direct access mode at a document, which has at least one rendition at the newest version. Then a symbol is drawn next to the document, which shows all renditions associated with the document on clicking.

renditions direct access

Then a windo is displayed, thich allows to select one rendition. This rendition can be downloaded or (if permissions allow it) be deleted.

Interested? Send an email to merz (at) for a live demo.