smartUI Documentation from ebit-company

We have added a few bits of documentation to the smartUI world.

We have 10 volumes between 75 an 200 pages each. In total, there are this parts of the SDK documented:

  • Vol 1a: Introduction smartUI SDK
  • Vol 1b: The SDK
  • Vol 2: CSUI Widgets
  • Vol 3: CSUI Controls
  • Vol 4: CSUI Forms and Perspectives
  • Vol 5: CSUI Utilities
  • Vol 6: The smartUI nucleus
  • Vol 7: Webreports and Workflow in smartUI
  • Vol 8: Connected Workspaces and xECM in smartUI
  • Vol 9: E-Social and misc

Follow the links to download the Table of Contents for the volumes indicated

You can get the documentation either in electronic form as personalized printable pdf or in printed form. As single books or as the whole complete documentation. But they are only available as part of our Development Support or of the Workshops


NUC Description

As promo, the vol 6 (Nucleus) is free and you can download it here. The pdf is non printable